Amber Rose Brakes The Internet With Her Tweet

Amber Rose Brakes The Internet With Her Tweet | Ximage 1

Amber Rose frees her nipple on Twitter

It is not long we posted Amber Rose’s nude here but when we thought we had just had enough, the model author and feminist decides to post pictures of herself topless on her social media accounts in support of #Freethenipple and her 2016 Amber Rose Slut walk. According to the Free the Nipple Website, the movement stands against female oppression and censorship both in the United States and around the world.

Amber-Rose Brakes The Web like Kim

Amber Rose is one of the hottest female celebrities out here. I have heard of a number of Amber wannabe who want to be thick but at the same time sexy. Amber has a fine body, thick, a large rounded ass, sweet luscious boobies, well swollen nipples and yes, she at one time dated the disgraced Kanye West. Now you understand what it takes to date Kanye west. As you can see here on XIMAGE, Kanye also has a huge eggplant and only large ass women are able to handle it.


While wearing a white fur coat and earrings, Rose gives the camera a strong stare while her nipples hanged freely in the coat. The same Rose came out strongly to defend Kim Kardashian when she posted a nude pic of herself and so did her girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski sexy model. She also said that she would defend any other woman if they fall in the same circumstance as Kim.

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