Beyonce The Most Expensive Lemonade Jay Z Divorcing

Beyonce The Most Expensive Lemonade Jay Z Divorcing Ximage 1


When was the last time an artiste dropped an album “Lemonade Album” that not only evoked strong mixed reactions but also provoked intriguing conversations around women, tolerance and infidelity. There’s only (probably) a handful of people who can do that and the perpetrator this time was none other than the phenom of modern entertainment, Beyonce.

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Beyonce’s new album Lemonade made the most money of all artists

Lemonade is Beyonce’s sixth album featuring 12 tracks and an hour-long film which was premiered on HBO. The visual album was first made available on the streaming service, Tidal. The album features popular artistes like Kendrick Lamar, Jack White and The Weeknd. Celebrities like Serena Williams also make cameo appearances. One way to summarize it is that Beyonce is absolutely furious in this album. I mean when she’s swinging around a baseball bat and wrecking parked cars, you gotta know that something is definitely up.
The album dropped and the world went wild. “Oh my God! Jay Z cheated on Beyonce and they’re going to get a divorce! (Who’s Becky with the good blonde hair (Rita Ora anyone?) All men are the same!” A few hours later, once critics had adequately digested the overarching themes of feminine steadfastness and male culpability and infidelity; the internet was suddenly filled with strongly worded articles both for and against the veiled message contained in her album. The Amber Rose TV Show she trashed her Lemonade album she got lots of haters for it. On one hand she is touted as a champion of (black) women’s rights and on the other as a bad example to the girl child.


The most shocking thing however is how much Jay Z and Beyonce made from this elaborately engineered story, I mean VISUAL ALBUM. Reports have it at more than 150M USD and rising. And Tidal has risen to the most popular music streaming app.