We Got Chrissy Teigen Sexy Full Nudes

We Got Chrissy Teigen Sexy Full Nudes | Ximage 3

Model Chrissy Teigen Wardrobe and Leaked Naked Pics

This chick is slowly but surely becoming a modeling legend and we love Chrissy Teigen nudes. I mean, she gains her fame on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Swim Suit Edition, which is basically the best edition. But she’s on this cover super hot with two other chicks topless, backs exposed, looking over their shoulder at us. Everyone loves it, including I guess John Legend who ups and marries her. Now she’s making our television extra sexy by helping host Lip Sync Battle and Teigen is the wardrobe malfunction star showing her full vagina to the public. I mean, is it just me, or is she fucking awesome?

Hot Chrissy Teigen Photos

Now aside from her topless back that got everyone fired up, here comes Chrissy Teigen, boobs out all over television. I mean, seriously, have you seen this chicks boobs? They are huge and always squeezed tight into these little dresses. So of course, it’s nice to see these pictures where she has let them loose!

And I mean what is even her skin color? Uh, perfect? Her mother has Thai and her father Norwegian, making Chrissy Teigen probably the hottest mix we’ve ever seen.


Would I fuck Chrissy Teigen in an instant? Hell yes, I would. I mean, I’d be afraid of John Legend afterwards but, hey, gotta take advantage of opportunities when they come around!