Did Taylor Swift Brake Up With Calvin Harris?

Taylor Swift Leaving Calvin Harris

Joe Hohas might have rubbed Taylor Swift badly when he decided to dump her over a 27 second phone call back in the year 2008. However, it appears that Taylor Swift might have been on personal revenge vendetta but this time with her immediate ex Calvin Harris.

Looks like Taylor Swift is Braking up

It has been a long month for Calvin especially after he sustained injuries after his accident. Not even celebrity Kim Kardashian can compete with Taylor. Unfortunately, his plight did not end there. His one year girlfriend went ahead and told her she needs space from the relationship. At first just like any other normal guy Chris reaction was normal. This was until he officially saw his ex at the beach with Tom Huddle-stone exchanging a romantic kiss, the thought of it sliced his heart in twin folds. That was pretty quick

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This is when he realized that probably she might have been cheating on him even before they broke up. He decided to un-follow Swift on his Instagram and deleted all their mutual pics. And Emily Ratajkowski always defends her girlfriend at social media chats all times on Tweeter. The feud had just begun and Swift did the same.
We are not sure when the cold war between these two will end but we are foreseeing a bitter end for one of the side. We will keep you updated on every “Taylor Swift news”.

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