I Never Knew Ellie Kemper Was This Hot Naked!

I Never Knew Ellie Kemper Was This Hot Naked! | Ximage 1

Ellie Kemper Amazing Nudes

Ellie Kemper is taking the comedy world by storm. Making her debut in the office, and then landing her own show as Kimmy Schmidt, this woman is so funny, slightly awkward, and all kinds of hot. I mean, first off, she has red hair. Which, there are so few of them recently that it just makes me wonder how we don't worship them already. Then on top of that she has a banging body, so how could anyone not want to see her naked?

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She's a cute little thing isn't she? I mean, they always dress this chick on the shows like a librarian or teacher or something. It's definitely hot in a different kind of way. Makes us want to be a little naughty so she can tell us to be quiet or reprimand us. Maybe a little sexy time-out.

But seeing her naked gives us a whole different perspective. Like, who knew she had such a amazing tits under those sweaters. And that ass is so good, makes us wish those skirts everyday were just a little shorter. Thank god for nudes or we'd never know!


Again, nothing says fuck me right now like a red head. But I guess paired with everything else, Ellie Kemper is the perfect woman. If you don't agree, go back and look at these pictures again.