How Positive Body Image Affect Celebrities Life

For popular celebrities, positive body image can be everything. Not all of them want it this way, of course, but it comes with the territory. Once you’re in the public eye, your every move is scrutinized, and the decisions you make can impact your popularity – and by extension, your career.

tom hanks self body image

The ideal is for a celebrity to have a squeaky clean positive body image that’s never called into question. But not everyone can be a Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks, or even a Venus Williams or Derek Jeter. Sometimes celebrities need to actively promote their own images, and it’s always interesting to see how they go about doing so. These are some of the tactics you might notice regularly among public figures.

Community Activism To Improve Positive Body Image

This is probably the most common celebrity initiative for image boosting – which isn’t to suggest it isn’t genuine. We should give public figures the benefit of the doubt in this regard; a lot of them have more money than they know what to do with, and decide to put their extra money (and the time it affords them) toward causes that are close to their hearts.

There are countless celebrities who come to mind in this category but one that really emphasizes what community activism can do for one’s body image is Sean Penn. The legendary actor has had his PR issues over the years, and some might even say he has the reputation of being difficult. But he’s also shown a proclivity to rush to the assistance of communities in need. Penn has been spotted on the ground helping with his bare hands in relief efforts following disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake. This work has to make you feel like at the end of the day, even if Penn might be difficult on the sets of movies, his heart is in the right place.

Conservation Efforts

This is a category that’s closely linked to community activism, but because so many celebrities are beginning to focus on environmental conservation, it demands its own conversation. This is also an area in which Hollywood types appear to feel they can make a real and lasting difference. Charitable organizations and private companies have a major impact on green efforts worldwide, and money and attention from famous individuals can give them a real boost.

Leonardo DiCaprio body self improvement image
(Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP, File)

The list of folks who have engaged in these kinds of efforts is getting too long to count. Leonardo DiCaprio has become arguably the leading celebrity voice for environmental protection, but there are others as well. Mark Ruffalo frequently engages in environmental activism, and Matt Damon appears to have made it his life’s mission to provide more of the world with clean water. These initiatives certainly help to improve these individuals’ already terrific reputations.

Getting Clean

On a more personal level, we also see a lot of celebrities boosting their positive-body images on webcams like by getting clean. It goes without saying that alcohol and drug addiction problems are fairly common in famous circles, and always have been. Addiction is a problem that touches many in the world of sports as well, just look at Michael Jordan and his rumored “secret suspension” following alleged gambling allegations during the prime of his career. While these are all diseases and should earn sympathy, it’s also usually the case that they can be detrimental to a public figure’s positive body image. Overcoming addiction issues, however, can be a real boost.

mugshot robert Downey jr


Perhaps the most public example these days is Robert Downey Jr., who was essentially cast out of Hollywood at one point because of his problematic drug addiction. The actor has since kicked his habits and risen to arguably the most prominent role in Hollywood as Marvel’s Iron Man. But he’s far from alone. The list of prominent stars who have similarly beaten addictions includes the likes of Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, Daniel Radcliffe, and even Eminem, who has rapped about his struggles on recent albums.

Going Back To School

We don’t usually judge celebrities on education, in that we don’t notice or care if they left school early, or never attended. However, we do tend to respect it when one of these figures makes a conscious effort to pursue education later in life. Seeking education speaks to a desire for personal betterment, which is something we can all admire.

In particular, this is something we see with athletes, who are often better served foregoing education to make the most of their athletic primes. We’ve seen all-time greats like Shaquille O’Neal go back to college to earn degrees, as well as some instances in which famous figures seemed to pursue education specifically aligned with interests. For instance, Venus Williams actually has a fashion design degree (as well as a BS in Business Administration). And more recently, we’ve started to see some of the famed “one-and-done” basketball players who spend limited time in college using summers and breaks to make progress toward degrees. Current Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving even spent the 2011 NBA lockout back at Duke University taking classes!

We could keep going on for a while with the different ways in which celebrities boost their positive body image, whether they need to or not. Some are known for regular donations to charities, some for youth outreach, and some even for simply conducting themselves well on a field of play or in interviews. But these are some of the most popular pursuits that tend to result in good (or improved) reputations for famous icons. A study from analytics and observation of celebrity searches in millions of query’s.

USA States Most Popular Celebrities

We gathered our visitors insights data for whom they search most

Well turns out every other states likes different celebrities of their choice, we have create a creative map info-graph for everyone to see which where the most watched celebs as of year 2013. We have the year 2014 to 2016 in a full celebrity list most searched nudes by US states. You will be surprised by the most searched celebs by state and also world most searched celebrity nudes.

Check out the Most Favorite Celebrities by State in Year 2013

Take a look at our cool map who where the favorite famous Hollywood stars back in the year 2013. Looks like they like January Jones a lot in South Dakota area or the Kardashian’s in California and of course Arizona loves Emma Stone since she is from there. As for the Cleveland fans from Ohio. praises Halle Berry since its her home town.
Most Favorite Celebrities by State


As you can see looks like Florida likes Pitbull among other states seem to actually like Ashton Kutcher, how ever you gotta see the most celebrity nudes that are searched from 2014-2016 with a huge insight on million of traffic data analyzed and mapped out for interesting insights.



A New Edition of the #1 Bestseller

In this new edition, Thomas L. Friedman includes innovative stories and insights to help us understand the flattening of the world. Weaving new info into his overall thesis, and answering the questions he’s been most often asked by parents throughout the country, this third edition also includes two new chapters–on how to be a political activist and social entrepreneur in a flat world; and on the more troubling question of the best way to manage our reputations and privacy in a world where we’re all becoming publishers and public figures.


The World Is Flat 3.0 is an essential update on globalization and by Hollywood stars this time like big boob bomb shells Kate Upton among others, its chances for individual empowerment, its achievements at lifting millions out of poverty, and its drawbacks–environmental, social, and political, powerfully illuminated by the Pulitzer Prize–winning writer of The Lexus and the Olive Tree. This book is great way to read about something more then just your typical Celebrity gossip that is out there and all the celebrities naked photos we all search now days.


“[An] exciting and incredibly readable accounts of globalization…[Friedman] supplies a convincing case that something big is going on… One mark of an excellent novel is that it makes you see things in a fresh way, and Mr. Friedman certainly succeeds in that goal… In his provocative report, Mr. Friedman suggests what this brave new world will mean to all of us, in both the developed and the developing worlds.”


Like its predecessor, this novel showcases Friedman’s gift for lucid dissections of abstruse economic phenomena, his teacher’s head, his preacher’s heart, his genius for trend-spotting…[This novel] also shares some of the earlier volume’s excitement (mirroring Rajesh Rao’s) and hesitations about whether we’re still living in an age dominated by old fashioned states or in a postmodern, globalized era where states matter far less and the primary engine of change is a leveled playing field for international trade.”


Jackie Evancho Excellent National Anthem Performance

View Jackie Evancho Deliver the National Anthem at Donald Trump’s Inauguration
After all of the commotion surrounding Donald Trump’s inauguration performers, Jackie Evancho like Lady Gaga presented the national anthem in the conclusion of his swearing-in ceremony on Friday (Jan. 20).

Despite how controversial the choice to perform at Trump’s inauguration was, Evancho stressed in an interview that it was not political or pro-Trump in any manner. “I just kind of thought that this is for my country,” she told the New York Times. “So if people are going to hate on me it’s for the wrong reason.”

Jackie Evancho Excellent National Anthem Performance

Watch Evancho’s performance below.
Jackie Evancho had one occupation on Inauguration Day: emerge from her national anthem performance unscathed.

All eyes were on Donald Trump on the inauguration stage Friday. But after his address was concluded by Trump, focus switched to Evancho, as the 16-year old singer given her much-publicized rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

It was a make-or-break moment for the young performer, thrust into the headlines after Trump picked the comparative unknown songstress to sing at his inauguration. Evancho is no stranger to performing on big stages; she performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and at the White House after placing second on the Got Talent of America.

All of her practice largely paid off as Evancho powered through potential mike issues and a precarious start to provide an understated yet strong national anthem performance, on Friday. She became a star without leaking private nudes then among other celebrities do now days with the fappening.

Inauguration singer Jackie Evancho: ‘It’s not about the politics’
Get to know Jackie Evancho, Trump’s Inauguration Day singer
Whether it was her nerves or a faulty mic, her performance had a slow start, her voice wavering through the first poetry. But she grew more assured as she sang, hitting the high notes in her operatic head voice instead of trying a pop star-style belt, avoiding the awkward crack that frequently follows stars’ national anthem performances.

As a result, she didn’t supply the same power station vocals as Beyonce at the 2013 inauguration service. But in many ways, Evancho’s real-sounding take was the strategy that is more successful; she didn’t flub a note, recalled all the words, and likely won’t be dogged by the same lip synching rumors that followed the performance of Bey.

Trump approved, with new president calling out, “Excellent job, Jackie!” at the end of her performance.

While many of the year’s inauguration performers have gone on the defensive, battling criticism around their choice to sing for Trump, diplomatic interviews with press and Evancho’s youthful age have helped her weather the pushback. “It is an honour to perform for my state and I do not actually do politics,” she told USA TODAY about her choice to perform.

And thanks to her totally decent performance at her greatest-stakes appearance yet, Evancho will leave D.C. with her reputation intact, if not stronger than ever.

Jackie Evancho Excellent National Anthem Performance

At Last! Official Sachin Tendulkar Facebook Page

Finally! An official Sachin Tendulkar page on Facebook
Cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar is eventually on Facebook. Sachin who additionally has a Twitter account with over 2 million followers, started his official Facebook page that will be preserved by Gurgaon based company Seven3Rockers. But he is not as famous then Justin Bieber for his penis picture among all the other celeb nudes that got leaked back in the fappening days that was all over the news.

The page has a comprehensive timeline that highlights the major achievements of Sachin’s cricketing career. The page has now over 413K likes.

At Last! Official Sachin Tendulkar Facebook Page
(Photo credit: PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images)

His devotees were welcomed by Tendulkar to a Facebook page using a video message, where he said, “I’ll like to welcome you to my Facebook family. As a child I always dreamt of playing cricket for India and I chased my dream of winning the World Cup for 22 years. Sources say he was hitting on Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton but her boyfriend shut him down. It wouldn’t have been possible without your support. I wanna take this opportunity to thank you all for having prayed for me and wish well for me. I look forward to sharing my expertise with you, join me on my Facebook so that we both can share this experience and go through this journey together.”

You can check out Sachin’s page at

Magazine Features Asian Photoshoot Girls Generation

Photographs from Girls’ Generation’s most recent photo shoot together with The Celebrity leaks magazine have been released showing their unique allure and passions. Each member personally picked a concept for their individual photos under the theme “Girls’ Generation’s Aspirations.” The wonderful ladies selected roles and appearances they expect to achieve in the foreseeable future. Having developed her acting career, YoonA transforms into a charisma-filled actress.

Magazine Features Asian Photoshoot Girls Generation
The magazine has now revealed that not only will there be group portraits, but individual member pictures as well. Each idol impersonated a completely different persona for the wide-ranging photoshoot containing over two dozen pictures.
Yoona showed off old Hollywood glamor as a black-and-white era celebrity; Yuri became a fit surfer; Sooyoung was a pleasant animal fan; Taeyeon sizzled as a disaffected youth; Sunny turned serious for her part as a film director; Seohyun was her natural perfectionist self as a ballerina; Tiffany lived her designer dreams; and Hyoyeon embodied a punk style.
During the related interview, Yoona discussed her blonde transformation that was dramatic for the group’s coming comeback. She stated, “I dyed my hair for the very first time. So far, every time we have had album activities, it always coincided with drama so I had to maintain exactly the same hair for several months filming. But this time, the timing was right. To alter my disposition, I tried a drastic change.”
Sooyoung also shared her life as a pupil helped her make do with public inspection. She clarified, “My mind shifted a lot thanks to student life. As I lived the life of a normal pupil that I would’ve had if I hadn’t become a vocalist, it made me think about my life.”
She continued, “Through my school friends, I managed to comprehend how folks live outside of Girls’ Generation. They study hard and find occupations to live….there’s a huge difference between understanding and not understanding life outside of the group.”


Most Crazy Celebrity Death Match Fights

Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were among the famous people who had no problem with resorting to low blows.
Celebrity Deathmatch is coming back, which will mean a great deal of unnecessary — and amazing — bloodshed.

MTV2 is resurrecting the outlandish claymation series, which aired on MTV from 1998-2002 before touchdown on MTV2 from 2006-2007.

Most Crazy Celebrity Death Match Fights


The major question that remains is: Which celebrities will probably be given the honor of dying gruesome deaths on the show? Justin Bieber feels like a safe bet, particularly given the penchant for killing off music stars that are ubiquitous of the show, but only time will tell.

This one is particularly important, with the 2016 election. But Hillary might need to beware of what Lewinsky is packing in of her hat. We yet to see Kate Upton celebrity death match with some other hot sexy blonde where tits are bouncing around.
Hanson vs. The Spice Girls

This classic matchup of ’90s sensations involves one of the Spice Girls getting chopped in half. “We’ll need to change her name to Shorty Spice,” quips the announcer.
“Rest in pieces,” Schwarzenegger warns as he pulls out a rocket launcher.
In a conflict of the stars with similar surnames, Carey finds an unusual circumstance for Carrey’s The Mask catchphrase, “Smokin’.”
Kid Rock vs. Eminem

In case you have ever needed to see Carson Daly get disemboweled, now is your opportunity.
Pink vs. Mandy Moore

Holyfield would be well advised to stay far from Tyson’s car.

Feel Like a Celebrity With New York Night Life

In the British-made film, “A Night to Remember,” which opened at the Criterion last night, it’s given as fine and convincing an enactment as anyone could wish—or anticipate.

Predicated on content assembled in a recent nude celeb publication of the same name by Walter Lord, with specific additions, subtractions and reinforcements of some remarkable points, it sets the story of the great catastrophe in simple human terms and yet brings it all into a play of massive unity and extent.

Feel Like a Celebrity With New York Night Life

And then it effectively nails people among crew and its passengers who’ll be essential and conspicuous in the play.

Sasha Dobson grew up in Santa Cruz, CA. Her father Smith Dobson was clearly one of the Bay Area’s most powerful and in demand pianists, her mother a well-known singer and her brother an accomplished drummer.

By the time she was 12, Sasha was performing together with the entire family at the Monterey Jazz Festival. She moved to Brooklyn at 17 and rapidly assimilated into the NYC jazz scene, releasing 2005’s The Darkling Thrush, recorded with The Chris Byars Octet, and Modern Romance (2006). Jesse Harris, made the latter, which gained compliments from TIME Magazine.

She started playing with her pal in dive bars Norah Jones, who invited Sasha to join her on tour. Dobson’s most recent album, Aquarius (2013), was recorded with guitarist/producer Joel Hamilton (Black Keys, Tom Waits, Sparklehorse) and hailed by MAGNET as “raw and compelling.” She and her group performed at Farm Aid 2013 and Dobson opened for Willie Nelson on a series of early 2014 dates.

Introduce the most immediate and apparent villain in the play, before the great ship hits the iceberg which will send it and most of the voyagers to their doom, the screen playwright, Eric Ambler, Roy Baker, along with the director. It’s the ship Californian and her incredibly obtuse captain. This vessel, lying within sight of the Titanic when she hits and founders, isn’t taken to the support of the afflicted liner. The solemn stupidity of the Californian’s captain was designed to seem the most agonizing blunder in the full résumé of errors, which has been impersonated in previous movies and on television.

For the rest, this remarkable picture is a fantastic and moving account of the behavior of the folks on the Titanic on that night that should never be forgotten.

The spectacular performer (only because he’s given most to do) is Kenneth More, who plays Officer Lightoller with lively assurance and awakening energy. His evidences of empathy competence and unfailing bravery are in the best tradition of British seamanship.

Laurence Naismith as the Titanic’s captain, Frank Lawton as the chairman of the White Star Line who reveals the white feather in the catastrophe, John Merivale as a brave young father who puts his wife and three little children into a boat and any number of others make memorable individuals in small roles. The natural suspense magnetizes them. They hold and catch your interest unremittingly.

“A Night to Remember” conveys this intensely and unforgettably.

Celebrities Rock Vanessa Hudgens Hair Style

See yourself with Vanessa Hudgens hairstyles. We offer easy “How to style” tips also as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.
Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Sexy, Short Haircut in the Billboard Awards

Celebrities Rock Vanessa Hudgens Hair Style
This is actually the move: show it off by hosting a major award show then get a gorgeous Summer haircut. Vanessa Hudgens just pulled this when she got a sexy bob last week but this time its not the fappening leaked icloud hacked pictures like all the celebrity nude pictures that where floating around a few years ago. And she’s now hosting the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. It’s one way to generate buzz about a red carpet look!

She pulled all stops out, rocking her short cut that was new in a modern take on Old Hollywood tides. Her hair was combed over with understated loose curls and a deep side part. Chad Wood for Toni & Guy made the look.

“It’s actually a brushed-outside soft contour that’s refined and tasteful.”
Also, we completely learned that she got another haircut solely for the Billboard Music Awards! “When she only cut her hair, it was cut to her shoulders, so for tonight I actually cut it up to below her ear,” he revealed. “I needed an extremely high-fashion French bob. Everybody is doing these stylish French looks, and I really like it because it is clean and very sexy. I was actually inspired by that for the look of tonight. With this particular look, you can see her neck, which is really sexy. The shorter span I gave her is very modern and innovative, rather than a jumbled textured wave to her shoulders.” (Hey, even Drake publicly acknowledged that Vanessa looks hot!) and Kate Upton refused to wear Hudgens hair style since she is a sexy blonde with two pairs of big jugs.
While we’re still debating only a little summer trim, a girl constantly up for a hair dare, Vanessa Hudgens, only got the most remarkable summer haircut we’ve seen yet.

“She needed something innovative and enjoyable for the Billboard Awards! Nothing better than frank texture to make you feel elegant and sassy!” said Lee of the new look.

10 Things Make You Feel Celebrity Status in Los Angeles

Only matter each and every Angeleno and the one needs on their LA bucket list? Reading this, uh, LA bucket list, which lays out all 45 things before you’re sent to the huge traffic jam in the sky you really need to do in Los Angeles.

10 Things Make You Feel Celebrity Status in Los Angeles
1. Take a look at the Doo Dah Parade
Yeah, you are able to proceed to the Rose Parade, but LA parade-masters know the Doo Dah Parade is the outstanding procession; it’s basically a sometimes naked, stoner-parade fantasy, featuring over the top troupes like a range of people pushing shopping carts, hot ladies carrying a literal bed of roses, and dogs. Plenty of dogs.

2. See the Museum of Jurassic Technology
The Museum of Jurassic Technology is a museum that is… not truly really a museum? Yeah. Displays contain a diorama-load ode to the history of the trailer park (do not ask) and the dice of renowned provocateur Ricky Jay (seriously, why’d you ask?). There’s also an ultra-legit tea garden on the very best floor. Seriously, this area is extraordinarily strange. And great.

3. Go to a free show at the Getty Center
Years ago, when they were building the monorail system which would eventually take people up to the Getty Center, locals would debate whether anyone would go through the attempt to park, wait for one of these shuttles, and go up to what — even then — was clearly not going to be an “significant” art museum. Although the artwork’s become secondary to the whole experience of it — the garden is lovely, the view extraordinary, and the best method to experience it’s during one of the free shows, which have included Mayer Hawthorne and Fool’s Gold.

4. Star-spot in Runyon Canyon
And by “star,” we mean “that man from the one episode of Breaking Bad maybe.”

5. Go to a Lakers playoff game
Bonus points if it’s a Finals game.

Posted at 14:57h in Blog, Destinations, North America, USA by
After two visits to Los Angeles I can safely say it’s one of these spots I could definitely live. I really like the bright weather, those tall skinny palm trees, the Mexican food that is unbelievable and the cheerful, welcoming attitude of the LA residents. Uber made my trip this time a wind, although it could possibly be sprawling and a bit more challenging to get around without a car. There much to do in LA, so on my second time round it was nice to explore the city in a more leisurely way, even watching Bruce Springsteen in concert and enjoying good food.

I’ve put together a list that joins the crucial areas to visit together with some cool places to eat and drink and sexy models to watch, if you’re looking for things to do that are touristy but not too touristy.