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Most Favorite Celebrities by State

We gathered our visitors insights data for whom they search most

Well turns out every other states likes different celebrities of their choice, we have create a creative map info-graph for everyone to see which where the most watched celebs as of year 2013. We have the year 2014 to 2016 in a full celebrity list most searched nudes by US states. You will be surprised by the most searched celebs by state and also world most searched celebrity nudes.

Check out the Most Favorite Celebrities by State in Year 2013

Take a look at our cool map who where the favorite famous Hollywood stars back in the year 2013. Looks like they like January Jones a lot in South Dakota area or the Kardashian’s in California and of course Arizona loves Emma Stone since she is from there. As for the Cleveland fans from Ohio. praises Halle Berry since its her home town.
Most Favorite Celebrities by State


As you can see looks like Florida likes Pitbull among other states seem to actually like Ashton Kutcher, how ever you gotta see the most celebrity nudes that are searched from 2014-2016 with a huge insight on million of traffic data analyzed and mapped out for interesting insights.