10 Things Make You Feel Celebrity Status in Los Angeles

10 Things Make You Feel Celebrity Status in Los Angeles

Only matter each and every Angeleno and the one needs on their LA bucket list? Reading this, uh, LA bucket list, which lays out all 45 things before you’re sent to the huge traffic jam in the sky you really need to do in Los Angeles.

10 Things Make You Feel Celebrity Status in Los Angeles
1. Take a look at the Doo Dah Parade
Yeah, you are able to proceed to the Rose Parade, but LA parade-masters know the Doo Dah Parade is the outstanding procession; it’s basically a sometimes naked, stoner-parade fantasy, featuring over the top troupes like a range of people pushing shopping carts, hot ladies carrying a literal bed of roses, and dogs. Plenty of dogs.

2. See the Museum of Jurassic Technology
The Museum of Jurassic Technology is a museum that is… not truly really a museum? Yeah. Displays contain a diorama-load ode to the history of the trailer park (do not ask) and the dice of renowned provocateur Ricky Jay (seriously, why’d you ask?). There’s also an ultra-legit tea garden on the very best floor. Seriously, this area is extraordinarily strange. And great.

3. Go to a free show at the Getty Center
Years ago, when they were building the monorail system which would eventually take people up to the Getty Center, locals would debate whether anyone would go through the attempt to park, wait for one of these shuttles, and go up to what — even then — was clearly not going to be an “significant” art museum. Although the artwork’s become secondary to the whole experience of it — the garden is lovely, the view extraordinary, and the best method to experience it’s during one of the free shows, which have included Mayer Hawthorne and Fool’s Gold.

4. Star-spot in Runyon Canyon
And by “star,” we mean “that man from the one episode of Breaking Bad maybe.”

5. Go to a Lakers playoff game
Bonus points if it’s a Finals game.

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After two visits to Los Angeles I can safely say it’s one of these spots I could definitely live. I really like the bright weather, those tall skinny palm trees, the Mexican food that is unbelievable and the cheerful, welcoming attitude of the LA residents. Uber made my trip this time a wind, although it could possibly be sprawling and a bit more challenging to get around without a car. There much to do in LA, so on my second time round it was nice to explore the city in a more leisurely way, even watching Bruce Springsteen in concert and enjoying good food.

I’ve put together a list that joins the crucial areas to visit together with some cool places to eat and drink and sexy models to watch, if you’re looking for things to do that are touristy but not too touristy.