How Positive Body Image Affect Celebrities Life

How Positive Body Image Affect Celebrities Life

For popular celebrities, positive body image can be everything. Not all of them want it this way, of course, but it comes with the territory. Once you’re in the public eye, your every move is scrutinized, and the decisions you make can impact your popularity – and by extension, your career.

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The ideal is for a celebrity to have a squeaky clean positive body image that’s never called into question. But not everyone can be a Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks, or even a Venus Williams or Derek Jeter. Sometimes celebrities need to actively promote their own images, and it’s always interesting to see how they go about doing so. These are some of the tactics you might notice regularly among public figures.

Community Activism To Improve Positive Body Image

This is probably the most common celebrity initiative for image boosting – which isn’t to suggest it isn’t genuine. We should give public figures the benefit of the doubt in this regard; a lot of them have more money than they know what to do with, and decide to put their extra money (and the time it affords them) toward causes that are close to their hearts.

There are countless celebrities who come to mind in this category but one that really emphasizes what community activism can do for one’s body image is Sean Penn. The legendary actor has had his PR issues over the years, and some might even say he has the reputation of being difficult. But he’s also shown a proclivity to rush to the assistance of communities in need. Penn has been spotted on the ground helping with his bare hands in relief efforts following disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake. This work has to make you feel like at the end of the day, even if Penn might be difficult on the sets of movies, his heart is in the right place.

Conservation Efforts

This is a category that’s closely linked to community activism, but because so many celebrities are beginning to focus on environmental conservation, it demands its own conversation. This is also an area in which Hollywood types appear to feel they can make a real and lasting difference. Charitable organizations and private companies have a major impact on green efforts worldwide, and money and attention from famous individuals can give them a real boost.

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The list of folks who have engaged in these kinds of efforts is getting too long to count. Leonardo DiCaprio has become arguably the leading celebrity voice for environmental protection, but there are others as well. Mark Ruffalo frequently engages in environmental activism, and Matt Damon appears to have made it his life’s mission to provide more of the world with clean water. These initiatives certainly help to improve these individuals’ already terrific reputations.

Getting Clean

On a more personal level, we also see a lot of celebrities boosting their positive-body images on webcams like by getting clean. It goes without saying that alcohol and drug addiction problems are fairly common in famous circles, and always have been. Addiction is a problem that touches many in the world of sports as well, just look at Michael Jordan and his rumored “secret suspension” following alleged gambling allegations during the prime of his career. While these are all diseases and should earn sympathy, it’s also usually the case that they can be detrimental to a public figure’s positive body image. Overcoming addiction issues, however, can be a real boost.

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Perhaps the most public example these days is Robert Downey Jr., who was essentially cast out of Hollywood at one point because of his problematic drug addiction. The actor has since kicked his habits and risen to arguably the most prominent role in Hollywood as Marvel’s Iron Man. But he’s far from alone. The list of prominent stars who have similarly beaten addictions includes the likes of Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, Daniel Radcliffe, and even Eminem, who has rapped about his struggles on recent albums.

Going Back To School

We don’t usually judge celebrities on education, in that we don’t notice or care if they left school early, or never attended. However, we do tend to respect it when one of these figures makes a conscious effort to pursue education later in life. Seeking education speaks to a desire for personal betterment, which is something we can all admire.

In particular, this is something we see with athletes, who are often better served foregoing education to make the most of their athletic primes. We’ve seen all-time greats like Shaquille O’Neal go back to college to earn degrees, as well as some instances in which famous figures seemed to pursue education specifically aligned with interests. For instance, Venus Williams actually has a fashion design degree (as well as a BS in Business Administration). And more recently, we’ve started to see some of the famed “one-and-done” basketball players who spend limited time in college using summers and breaks to make progress toward degrees. Current Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving even spent the 2011 NBA lockout back at Duke University taking classes!

We could keep going on for a while with the different ways in which celebrities boost their positive body image, whether they need to or not. Some are known for regular donations to charities, some for youth outreach, and some even for simply conducting themselves well on a field of play or in interviews. But these are some of the most popular pursuits that tend to result in good (or improved) reputations for famous icons. A study from analytics and observation of celebrity searches in millions of query’s.