Jessie Nizewitz Dating Naked Full Vagina on Display

Jessie Nizewitz Dating Naked Full Vagina on Display Ximage 9

Jessie Nizewitz Tried Suing Dating Naked Show

When someone (Jessie Nizewitz) agrees to go naked on a reality show, how much naked exactly has she agreed to do that. Even after the renewal of Dating Naked for season 3, we at XIMAGE are still reviewing the details about what it might have seem like a pretty simple question but attracted an astonishing $10 million lawsuit. Jessie Nizewitz is a model from Long Island, New York. She said that her producers guaranteed her that none of her private assets would be revealed on the screens. Ms Nizewitz felt like she has had another Jennifer Lawrence moment.
According to her, she felt lied to, manipulated and used.

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Stupid little Jessie Nizewitz thought she make million nude

‘I felt lied to, manipulated and used,’ she told the paper. ‘I was horrified.
In the scene that appeared on TV, Ms Nizewitz and her date are throwing a football on the beach and start playing on the sand. Her ass is in the air facing the camera. At that time, the produced failed on their duty and failed to make the image at least blur to obscure the viewers. Nizewitz really could make our list of best hacked celebrity photos but she is to dumb for that.


After the episode, the celebrated model said that she started getting calls from her friends and family. During that time countless viewers also went into social media to post what they had seen. It is so embarrassing feeling like the fappening gates had been opened on you. Or maybe these Emma Watson leaks when your goods are in public display. Have a look at some of these pictures and tell us what you think.