50 Celebrity Stars Who Made NEWS With Naked Photos

Celebs Who Broke The Internet With Naked Pictures

If you are fan or want celebrity news about their naked pics, no doubt you would be interested in just about anything they are doing in their lives. You would want to know their birthdays, families and even their life histories. But, did you ever imagine that you could actually go beyond this? These famous people think that some things they do in the dark is hidden from the general public. Some are actually used to showing off their genitals before the eyes of the rest of the world. Here is a look at some of the famous celebrities that like to get naked before the camera. Wait; there are also those that like to hide their naked pics and videos. But, their storage platforms have been hacked. So there is nothing they can hide from the general public.

Full Set Jennifer Lawrence Hacked Nude Photos | Ximage 36

1. Jennifer Lawrence; this is an academy award winning actress who recently took selfies of her naked hot body. You can see more than her hips and boobs up to what lies between her legs. The Hunger Games Girl Jennifer Lawrence’s explicit naked images are hotter then any other celebrity you can imagine right now off.

You can actually go as far as seeing your fappening part1 celebrities naked.

Top Pics of Scarlett Johansson Full Nude and Video | Ximage 7

2. Scarlett Johansson; this famous celebrity had her iPhone pics and her hot body could be seen in full view. The Avengers and Match point star may not be willing to get naked in front of camera. But her hacked iPhone account led to the release of Scarlett Johansson’s naked pics for the whole world to see.


Selena Gomez Nude Leaks: Yup All Real Pics! | Ximage 8

3. Selena Gomez; after her breakup with Bieber, the singer and actress now seems to have less issues to go naked before a camera. Her nude selfies showing just about everything, Selena Gomez’s naked photos are the best and really show what Gomez hides under her pants have been exposed to the general public.

Ariana Grande Naked Nude Photo Leak! | Ximage 5

4. Ariana Grande; her song videos show a little bit of her love for getting naked in front of camera. But Ariana took things to a whole new level and took selfies and Ariana Grande looks amazing naked showing everything that lies under her clothes and under pants.

Harry Potter Emma Watson Real Nude Pictures Leaked | Ximage 6

5. Emma Watson; the nerd of the Harry Potter series is no longer as innocent as Emma Watson used to be or seems to appear. Recently, Emma Watson’s photos where naked shot by paparazzi and her Snapchat account hacked.

Rihanna Full Naked Photo Leaked Collection | Ximage 38

6. Rihanna; if you are looking for naked pics of her, you can see it all on the internet. After Rihanna’s account had hacked naked images of her hot body and flashes of her genitals could be seen in full view.

Nicki Minaj Nude Your Anaconda Won’t Sit Still On This One! | Ximage 11
7. Nicki Minaj; the singer whose videos are usually full of nudity and almost explicit content had her iPhone account hacked and Nicki Minaj’s full naked private pictures where revealed for the public to see. You can see everything that lies beyond the rapper’s underwear.

YES We Got Emma Stone Leaked NUDE Private Pics | Ximage 2


8. Emma Stone; the movie star that is all beloved and all unfortunately Emma Stone’s pictures are naked sex appeal is amazing but no naked photos have surfaced yet of Stone. Her iCloud account was recently leaked where “that” which lies between her legs was shown in full view how ever zero nudity.

Kim’s Milk Showering Faceshot Pics Like Porn | Ximage 1

9. Kim Kardashian; over 300 photos of Kim showing off her hot body and flashing her genitals for all to see and to score another famous video have been exposed. The 35 year old actress, business woman and artist seems to have nothing wrong with storing Kim Kardashian’s reality stars naked photos of her self to break the internet every time.

WOW Kylie Jenner Getting Full Nude Pictures Leaked | Ximage 26

10. Kylie Jenner; just like her sister, Kylie Jenner enjoys showing off naked images her hot body to the rest of world. This time around, her naked photos depicting everything she keeps behind her underwear had been leaked for the world to see.

Real Nude Justin Bieber Bora Bora Penis Photo Peen | Ximage 1

11. Justin Bieber; the singer and song writer had his photos leaked recently showing off his full body in front of the camera. Some pics even show Justin Bieber’s naked manhood, which most people say is really big!

Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones Full Nude Scene Gallery | Ximage 28

12. Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones; the famous British actress has shown little desire to be naked in front of camera. But, Emilie Clarke’s hacked naked photos reveal that she loves it hidden from the rest of the word. Sorry, Emilia, the whole just has to see!

AT LAST! We Get to Perv on Katy Perry Nude (PICS) | Ximage 3

13. Katy Perry; the singer and song writer is not as innocent as she seems. After going wild, Katy Perry’s real naked selfie pictures got leaked from 2009 and Perry does not seem to care about revealing her whole body. Here recently leaked photos show her everything’ for the world to see.

Hottest Nude Pics of Jennette McCurdy Ever Leaked! | Ximage 2

15. Jennette McCurdy; the American actress and songwriter recently had her iCloud account leaked and everything she hides revealed to the public. You will be amazed by how much Jennette McCurdy’s naked body was revealed in those photos; everything you would want to see!

Got to See Nude Emily Ratajkowski Leaked Pics | Ximage 105

16. Emily Ratajkowski; her artistic and hot body is one every man would love to see. Well, every part of the American actress body was revealed after Emily Ratajkowski’s naked images surfaced of her were leaked online.

All Nude Leaked Charlotte McKinney Photos Ever | Ximage 3

17. Charlotte McKinney; she just loves her hot and sexy body. Her poses on magazine covers are equally hot; Charlotte McKinney’s leaked naked photos are even hotter than what you are used to specially now that she play in the new Bay-Watch TV series replacing Pamela Anderson .

These Kaley Cuoco Nude Photos are Real Leaks | Ximage 32

18. Kaley Cuoco; she is a hot actress with popular roles in the Bing-Bang-Theory and 8 simple rules. But, this successful actress seems to have little issues posing being Kaley Cuoco naked in front of camera showing her nipples and boos all time or her sexy butt. Her selfies were recently leaked and just about every part of her body could be seen in full view.

All Nude Photos of Kate Upton Leaked | Ximage 15

19. Kate Upton; the American model and actress has a hot body and mind capturing boobs and she broke the internet and all celebrity news websites as well channels on TV when Kate Upton’s explicit naked leaked pictures got uploaded on the internet during the fappening celebrity incident. As a model, she can capture the attention of any crowd. Recently, her naked photos were leaked showing her topless and hot.

50 Celebrity Stars Who Made NEWS With NUDE Photos | Ximage 1

20. Daisy Ridley; the English actress may seem shy of showing off her body. How ever Daisy Ridley’s leaked naked pics show that she enjoy nudity scenes as depicted in some of her movies where she shows it all off.

Margot Robbie Suicide Squad Real NUDE Pictures Leaked! | Ximage 46

21. Margot Robbie; you see her in Man of steel and you wonder what she hides under her underwear. But, the American actress and singer Margot Robbie’s real naked images has revealed it all in many of Margot’s leaked photos online where she is seen taking off her bra and underwear.

Legit Nudes Of Cameron Diaz Pics Leaked! | Ximage 15

22. Cameron Diaz; she poses on magazine covers in various body positions. Although not topless but full frontal nudity in x-rated movies when she was 18 years old, the American actress has had her some of Cameron’s Diaz secret Naked photos leaked including those where she reveals it all. There is even her sex tape which has gone viral.

The Megan Fox Nude Pics You Ever Searched | Ximage 65

23. Megan Fox; this American hot actress is not as innocent as she appears. A sex tape involving her was leaked online along with many Megan Fox’s naked pics, however the tape never really confirmed being Megan her self. Megan’s boobs and hot body could be seen in full view.

Ronda Rousey Nude Pics Of The Ultimate Feisty Chic | Ximage 17

24. Ronda Rousey; the artistic and masculine bodied actress may seem like she has no love for being naked. But, Ronda Rousey’s full naked leaks show otherwise. Ronda did some almost birthday suit workouts coupled with a sex tape which is available online.

Miley Cyrus Leaked Nudes: We Just Can’t Stop! | Ximage 60

25. Miley Cyrus; the American actress was caught showing off more than enough in one of the leaked images. Miley Cyrus is obsessed with being naked as would be seen in her leaked full nudity images where she appears to show off with pleasure. Cyrus just loves to show off naked because it makes her horny once she told a news reporter, go figures Miley is living the Rock-Star life.

Did You Missed Naked Kirsten Dunst Nude Pictures? | Ximage 1

26. Kirsten Dunst; she is an American-German actress with a rather decent body appeal. But, you could see more than what usually shows to the public when you watch Kirsten Dunst’s sexy naked hacked pictures from her iPhone, you change your mind and start to love this girl next door actress. Kristen acknowledged that the naked where of Dunst her self and said enjoy them.

Comedian Amy Schumer Comfortable With Nude Photos | Ximage 12

27. Amy Schumer; the stand-up comedian and actress is obviously the last person you can expect to be naked. But Schumer was recently posting a nude photo of her on gun violence where Amy could be seen without underwear, Amy Schumer’s twitter naked selfie shocked the world on her weight loss recently where she posted a very sexy flashy picture of her self for the public.

WOW! See Paris Hilton Nude Pics & Sex Tape Video | Ximage 1

28. Paris Hilton; the American born actress and business woman is not shy to admit her self Paris-Hilton desires to be naked in front of camera. Her leaked sex tape shows just how much she loves having sex on yachts in hotels and pretty much everywhere. Paris is a party girl and will stay rest of her life with her beloved fuck scenes and naked picture galore.

Every Nude Photo of Megan Good Leaked | Ximage 7

29. Meagan Good; the American actress does not have issues with being naked in the public. Her dressing says it all, but she went too far in her recently leaked photos where Meagan Good shows naked hot body parts for the public to see with her intentional wardrobe malfunctions.

Full Collection of Jenny McCarthy Nude Photos | Ximage 45

30. Jenny McCarthy; she is a 43 year old American model and actress. McCarthy former Playboy bunny could be seen topless while showing off her naked self in various leaked images. However when the fappening iCloud hack incident broke out Jenny McCarthy’s naked pussy pictures surfaced and even having sex bent over doggystyle where all over the internet to see, Jenny had no issues people watching her take a good dick from behind.

Singer Vanessa Hudgens All Time Nude Leaked Pics | Ximage 3

31. Vanessa Hudgens; she is a very pretty and hot bodied American actress. Imagine seeing her hot body in a naked state. Well, Vanessa’s Hudgens leaked naked images show it all including her legs and boobs. Also, she also shows off too much appearing to be pleased while doing it.

Cuban American Vida Guerra Leaked Nude Pics | Ximage 5

32. Vida Guerra; the Cuban born artist is renowned for her excellent modeling skills. Well, the hot body Vida used to show off during modeling could be seen uncovered in Guerra’s naked leaked pics. Get to see her reveal her big bums along with the sexy legs.

Best Christina Aguilera Nudes Pictures of All Time | Ximage 48

33. Christina Aguilera; she is an American singer and songwriter Christina Aguilera’s passion pose naked before the eyes of the masses. Even her selfies expressly show Christina’s body parts. Look out for Aguilera’s leaked photos and you will be amazed by how much you will see.

Top Leaked Heather Morris Naked Photo Collections | Ximage 22

34. Heather Morris; she is a pretty American actress and dancer who is quite attractive to look at. Now you can see everything Heather hides behind her clothes when you look at some of the leaked Heather Morris naked pics of the celebrity. Apparently, no one not even Morris wants to keep their clothes on while taking selfie!

Complete Set of Kesha Rose Sebert Naked Photos | Ximage 15

35. Kesha Rose; the American singer, song writer and rapper. Despite being somewhat reserved in her songs, even Kesha couldn’t resist the temptation of taking naked selfie. Kesha Rose’s leaked naked images show off her topless body and bottom.

The Naked Leaks of Adrienne Bailon Collections | Ximage 13

36. Adrienne Bailon; the American song writer and singer is definitely hot bodied. Apparently Adrienne wants to show off her hidden parts to the rest of the world in great fashion. Adrienne Bailon’s recent naked leaks  show more than what Bailon shows on magazine poses.

Celeb Casandra Ventura Naked Photo Macy's Leaks | Ximage 17

37. Casandra Ventura; she is an American actress and singer. The ebony has a hot body which is seen showing off in some of Cassie’s recently leaked pics. Cassie took naked photos herself and hoped to keep them to herself. But, the hackers exposed Ventura for the world to see.

Top 35 Nude Photo Collection of Christina Hendricks | Ximage 14

38. Christina Hendricks; she is a hot bodied American actress with leading notable roles in Mad Men. But, even Hendricks could not resist the temptation of taking selfies in a naked state. Over 35 photos of Christina’s Hendricks nudity have been leaked showing legs, tits and even “everything”.

Super Bowl Lady Gaga All Time Nude Pictures (80 PICS) | Ximage 78

Super Bowl 50 Lady Gaga All Time naked Pictures

39. Lady Gaga; she does not appear so respectable in her song videos. Well, there is nothing more than you can expect from Lady-Gaga than being topless and flashing it for the entire world to see in some of the most naked Lady Gaga’s leaked photos of her.

American Teenager Renee Olstead Full Nude Photo Set | Ximage 36

40. Renee Olstead; she is an American actress and singer with a great passion for acting. But, Renee is seemingly developing a fondness for taking naked selfies. Olstead’s phone was recently hacked and over 30 naked Renee’s Olstead pics taken by her and were found and released online.

The Edge Nudes of Emily Blunt Pictures is Tomorrow | Ximage 13

41. Emily Blunt; she is an English actress who played a role in The Royal Family. Emily is seemingly taking the royal status to taking naked selfies along with Emily Blunt’s naked sex scenes which were extracted from her movies.

See All Zoe Kazan Never Before Seen Nude Photo Collections | Ximage 44

42. Zoe Kazan; she is a 32 year old actress who has appeared in films such as Thin Men and the Savages. Zoe Kazan had her private photos leaked in which Zoe Kazan’s naked body was revealed to the public exposing most of her lady parts.

60 Nude Pics of Sexy Hayden Panettiere | Ximage 55

43. Hayden Panettiere; she has a hot body which Hayden enjoys exposing to friends but not the public. However Hayden Panettiere’s private naked images just shows off too much in Panettiere’s photos which were leaked after her phone was hacked.

Full Set Collection of Leven Rambin Nude Pictures | Ximage 3

44. Leven Rambin; don’t be fooled by her innocence look. Leven Rambin American actress also loves to take naked pics of her self or for the boyfriend/husband. Hackers were able to expose Leven Rambin’s hot naked body to the public. You will be amazed to learn that “Leven revealed too much”.

Supergirl TV Series Melissa Benoist Nude Hardcore Pics | Ximage 1

45. Melissa Benoist; she is an eye-catching American actress and singer who has recently failed to ward off the temptations of taking naked pics of her own body. After Meissa Benoist’s phone was hacked, the beauty’s body could be seen in full view, revealing Melissa Benoist’s hardcore naked photos having sex with her boyfriend completely xxx style like in porn.

Real Emily Browning Nude Photos and Video Leaked | Ximage 24

46. Emily Browning; she is an Australian born actress with a hot and captivating body. Emily Browning does not want to keep her private parts hidden from the camera. Emily Browning’s private hotel naked selfies had been leaked out showing her “everything”.

Real Lindsay Lohan Nude Pics and Video Scene | Ximage 2

47. Lindsay Lohan; she is charming and attractive and always smiling. But, Lindsay Lohan does a lot behind the scenes as you would see when you look at Lindsay Lohan’s sexy naked scene pictures where she shows off every body part in full view.

Game of Thrones Natalie Dormer Full Nude Pics | Ximage 11

48. Natalie Dormer; she is an elegant English actress with an amazing body appeal. Natalie Dormer has been topless and even naked in a number of film roles, but has also taken pics to prove us the the Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer’s naked selfie are amazing to look at if you fancy her on the HBO series. Look out for the leaked pics to observe her hot body in spectacular fashion.

These Rita Ora Nude Photos are Really Hot | Ximage 1

49. Rita Ora; the British singer’s hot body can be seen in full view when Rita Ora’s private photos were leaked after her phone was hacked. You would not believe your eyes when you see just “how much Rita Ora’s naked images” has revealed.

Super Nasty Hope Solo Full Nude Pictures Leaked | Ximage 26

50. Hope Solo; The soccer star has a hot body which no one can resist to look at. Thankfully, Hope-Solo enjoys taking naked pics of herself. Hope Solo’s fappening naked gallery reveal just about “everything” you would want to see, even up and close images of both her holes nasty and shameless this Olympian girl is.

Rare Jessica Alba Leaked Nude Pics (We Got Them) | Ximage 13

51. Jessica Alba; Let us not forget the great news about super smoking sexy Jessica Alba and she looks the best in her new movie Mechanic: Resurrection with Jason Statham. To be honest we all fantasied about Jessica Alba’s real naked images for the longest time but just now they starting to surface and let me tell you guys this celebrity goddess is just so smoking hot in our our book.

demi lovato sexy nude selfie pictures

52. Demi Lovato; We all love this strong chunky singer celebrity Demi Lovato who always breaks news lines with her sexy voice and concerts. “Demi Lovato’s beautiful naked images simply amazing” and pleasant to look at its literally art.

The One And Only *Farrah Abraham* NUDE Picture Collection! | Ximage 20

53. Farrah Abraham; Teen mom and celebrity reality show star Farrah-Abraham video is so crazy that she even made VIVID Celebrity porn movie just to be come more famous. Farrah got fucked xxx style showing it all off in backdoor 2 teen mom in doggy style and showing that pussy taking on some big stunt porn dick. “Farrah Abraham naked sex tape video” Did it work out for her fame well not so much.

Alexandra Daddario naked baywatch pictures

54. Alexandra Daddario;Alexandra Daddario’s naked sex scene images; Yet another Baywatch hottie that has emerged for the new Baywatch reboot, Charlotte McKinney is the other co-star and replacement for Pamela Anderson, as Alexandra is Yasmine Bleeth reboot character. Boy oh boy what can we say besides that are amazing and this girl has one hell of an ass almost like the perfect doll.


Well this pretty much sums up the most famous Ximage naked celebrity news that got huge fame after having their nakedness celebrity pictures leaked or circled around the internet. You and me both know that they do this purposely so they get better roles in movies and as well more attention and fame. Celebrities now days in order to be mentioned in the celebrity news have to shed some cloth off, and then say oh my naked selfies where hacked or stolen go figures.

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