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Comedian Amy Schumer Comfy For Nude Photos

Amy Schumer Got Comfortable Being Nude Finally

You do not have to have a number of gold medals and have a number of degrees and many other awards for you to feature on Pirelli Calendar according to Amy Schumer being comfortable with her being nude. Under normal circumstances, the Pirelli calendar is usually filled with naked models but this year’s calendar was different. Pirelli decided to change the models nipples with pictures of women mostly known for their brains and skills. She kinda made fun of Star Wars with her sex symbol pictures such as giving a blowjob to a light saber, how ever that was before the new Star Wars Episode 7 came out.

Bran New Skinny Amy Schumer Nude Twitter Photos Leaked!

These pictures where realeased by Amy after she broke up with her boyfriend and she showed off her new looks because she lost lots of weight and she looks sexy as hell. Schumer’s new body is amazing after she dropped some pounds and her nude selfie proves it!

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Amy Schumer Semi Naked Pictures

Amy is constantly known for her funny jokes for being the fat comedian and yet still keeps on eating more…poor Amy.

In spite of the changes, our funny lady decided to pose on nothing but only her String underwear, her pair of sandals and white shot. Normally we are used to seeing perfect nude pictures of models on the calendar but the image of Amy Schumer points out to a more realistic portrait which makes her look even more beautiful.


Despite the emphasis on semi and non nude pictures Amy Schumer went ahead and posed for an untouchable topless pic revealing her fat rolls, stunning sexual confidence. .

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