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Malin Akerman Nudes Exposed Come Check It Out! Ximage 2

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Now here is a name you may not recognize but you will totally known her face when you see it. Often super romcom-y, this actress has dazzled the silver screen alongside people like Katherine Heigl and Ryan Reynolds. But what else can we really note about her? Well, she’s fucking hot, that’s what. With perfect blonde hair and the cutest little body, how could anyone not want to fuck her? I mean, I know I do.

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Truly, Malin really has a skanky vibe we are digging. She often plays those kind of psycho girlfriends that fuck you well but drive you crazy. We’re okay with that. In fact, sign us up. Anything for a good fuck!

No but really, her boobs are average but sexy nonetheless. But her ass is really where it is at. Malin has been known to do a stint or two of modeling, showcasing her body through see-through clothes or no clothes at all. So these photos, though amazing, are not surprising at all.


I wouldn’t mind meeting this chic in person and showing her a good time. Crazy or not, Malin Akerman is the kind of chick we all want to fuck, so these pictures are perfect.