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Everyone loves a Spanish girl and Penelope Cruz nude scene  videos rock. I mean, how could you not? With that sexy accent, amazing skin tone, and perfect hair, Spanish women are probably the most beautiful in the world. And the fairest of them all has got to be Penelope-Cruz. That chick, especially in her movie Open Your Eyes, works her body so well, you can’t help but want to fuck her.

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Hot Scenes with Penelope Cruz

If I was a director looking for a chick with great boobs and a perfect ass to be in a movie like this, I wouldn’t look any further than Penelope Cruz. Girl seriously has sex-appeal that no other woman has. When she rides this guy, touches this guy, looks at this guy, truly it makes us yearn to be this guy.


Everyone has a bucket list of celebrities they’d bang, and Penelope will always be at the top of the sex scene video list for me. It’d be stupid for her not to be.