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Super Nasty Hope Solo Full Nude Pictures Leaked | Ximage 2

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The two time Olympic medalist Hope Solo is one of the many victims of the massive celeb photo hack. The 33 year old athlete addressed the incident with profound disappointment at the extent which people can invade other people’s privacy but c’mon, we here at Ximage have time and again warned if you are a celebrity, make nude selfies like Ronda Rousey UFC MMA Fighter and your number one enemy otherwise, you will soon find some sex starved pervert having some deep imagination with your nude pictures.
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Born Hope Amelia Solo in June 30th 1981 is an American soccer goalkeeper, a world cup gold medalist and a two time Olympic gold medalist. She has been the main goalkeeper for the United States since the year 2000 and dammmn she is really good at it. Solo is ranked as one of the best female goal keepers in the world.
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