The ‘Fappening’ What is It?

The 'Fappening' What is It? | Ximage 1

The ‘Fappening‘ movement three years ago around March 2014, Ryan Collins – a notorious but otherwise low-level computer hacker – hacked and illegally accessed more than 72 Gmail and 50 iCloud accounts belonging to an array of A-list celebrities. The highly-publicized hack, which was apparently orchestrated by a simple phishing scheme, saw the expose’ of dozens of private photos, nude pictures, sex tapes and graphic videos featuring some of the biggest names in the entertainment and showbiz industry. So turbulent was the aftermath of this celebrity photos leak that it was christened as the ‘Fappening.’ A word coined from an equally popular internet slang ‘fap’ which implies drooling ( in a sexual way ) over nude pictures and pornographic content.

fappening what is it?

According to Ryan Collins, the man responsible for bringing some of the most private, graphic and embarrassing pictures of high-level celebrities to the public domain, the leak revolved around sending his victims cloaked emails that resembled the usual notifications from Apple and Google. The un-suspicious and seemingly gullible celebrities, or their closest personal assistants, would then click on this emails giving Collins and his crew of hackers an unbridled access to some of their most sensitive personal files.

Unlike most mainstream hackers who would prioritize crucial financial and corporate information, Ryan mostly targeted his victim’s secret and private videos and photos. The first fappening expose’ netted close to 30 high-profile individuals including the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and celebrated actress Scarlett Johnson. Within a span of several days, close to 500 illegally obtained pictures were published across various websites, chat rooms, and pornographic content forums. The leaked videos and photos, which mostly showed naked women in different angles of nude poses, elicited mixed opinions and reactions from various quotas. While a few shrewd and controversial websites such as the notorious Celeb Jihad capitalized on this unexpected turn of events, others came to the defense of the aggrieved celebrities claiming that it was immoral to publish private pictures/content not intended for the public eye on pornographic sites.

Since then, the interwebs have been populated with smaller leaks of stolen celebrities photos, including the 2015 nude photo leaks targeting Kate Upton, Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence, again. If anything, grapevine blogs, internet creeps, and shrewd webpreneurs have had no shortage of enticing content to woo the masses ever since the fappening started. As fate would have it, Ryan Collins the convicted mastermind of the Fappening Movement was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for his well-orchestrated phishing schemes. But did that signify an end to the fappening era? Hardly not.

It’s even getting juicier. Now we have a new wave of stolen nude pictures belonging to both newly-minted and veteran celebrities doing rounds in the interwebs. Christened as the Fappening 2.0, the privacy breach has circled famous names such as Ashley Madison, Emma Watson view nudes here, and Amanda Seyfried. The hacker behind this new trove of highly suggestive and nude photos leak reportedly gained access to the said celebrities’ Gmail and iCloud accounts through sophisticated schemes like multi-level phishing and brute force hacking. This time around, Kylie Jenner’s sexy pics, and surprisingly, Marisa Tomei, were not spared either.

The stolen pictures have since been published on Reddit and grapevine websites such as Celeb Jihad, among others. Efforts to take them down have since been futile although some of the hotshots caught in this debacle have been piling pressure on these forums to delete the photos. On the other end of the spectrum, some of the celebs have come since come out guns blazing vehemently denying the veracity of the photos in a bid to save their badly-dented images. A typical example is Emma Watson, whose stolen nudes were posted on Celeb Jihad a few weeks ago. Through her lawyer, Watson has launched a full-scale onslaught against the supposed violation of her privacy by denying that the leaked photos were indeed hers.

Still, on this, it seems as if early predictions that The Fappening would one day grow to be a notorious movement are coming true. After the original Fappening, stars who were unfortunate enough to be caught in the brawl described the wave as ‘degrading’ and ‘criminal.’ A few even threatened to sue Apple and Google for not enacting solid security and privacy firewalls to keep off the hackers who made away with their private pictures. Nonetheless, in a statement issued on April 2014, Apple made it succinctly clear that their iCloud database was not still intact and that the aggrieved actresses may have been targetted singly and individually.

But if the recent turn of events is anything to go by, it seems as the re-energized battalion of fap-hunters is yet to give up despite stringent privacy protection measures that been introduced recently. A quick scan of interwebs will reveal more than a dozen established Fappening-themed forums, threads, and blogs that have survived the numerous attempts to erase the leaked nudes from the public domain. From a general point of view, this new hack serves new fodder to a machine that has been busy regurgitating content from 2014, a welcome relief to ardent followers of the Fappening movement.

As we’re as speaking, the new leak has triggered mixed interests from different internet users. They are those who are busy sharing the stolen nudes – much to their bewilderment – and then there those who are not only assessing the legitimacy of the pictures but also ‘promising’ a fresh wave of illegal photos.

From a neutral standpoint, the Fappening is without a doubt a blatant disregard of the privacy of some of these high-level personalities. Nonetheless, one could argue that it was only a matter of time before their carelessness, love for nude poses, and attention-seeking charisma caught -up with them. In fact, some of the women – the likes of Rosario Dawson and sexy as fuck Emily Ratakjkowski – who have found themselves in the tentacles of the Fappening 2.0 scandals have already posed nude severally before. And with conventional pornography as its peak at the moment, it is not surprising that their hacked nudes and their ‘allegedly stolen videos’ are already doing several rounds online.

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