X-Men Sophie Turner Fully Nude Game of Thrones Sansa Stark

X-Men Sophie Turner Fully Nude Game of Thrones Sansa Stark Ximage 1

Game of Thrones Sophie Turner Nude and X-man star

For a young actor whose first role on TV was HBO’s Game of Thrones which casting began in 2011, Sophie Turner is rising very fast. In the new X-Men: Apocalypse, Bryan Singer is taking us back to the 80’s to introduce to us the young version of your favorite mutants. It has been long since Jean Grey appeared in a major capacity in the X-Men movies but we are going to reunite with her This May. Sophie-Turner supposedly got punched in the Vagina(pussy) by Jennifer Lawrence and she actually liked it because she just got famous like Jennifer Lawrence with her 2014 full frontal nudity photos and helped Turner’s career sky rocket. Instead of Famke Janssen taking up the role, this time Game of Throne’s Sophie Turner plays the teenage Jean in the 80’s set X-Men Apocalypse.

Sophie Turner teamed up with Jennifer-Lawrence for X-Men

Game of Thrones is the new porn with its nudity

Stories across the block have it that people are no longer subscribing for porn. Instead they are waiting for the Dame of thrones, Yes you heard me right. Even if you are not a Game of Thrones show fan you are still a Game of Thrones nudity fan I mean who could dare miss all these nudes? There are a lot of sexy women on this HBO television series and yes when I say nude, I know most of you think of someone, for me it is Sophie Turner. You just don’t know how I have been looking forward to see this gorgeous thing strip and display her cute mammary all over my screen.

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More New Real Leaked Nudity Photos of Sophie Turner

These are brand new pictures of Turner she claims the nude picture where she lies down and shows of her butt fully naked is not her, but countless YouTube videos and critics analyzed the photo and confirm that it is her.

In fact I am still short of words on how I can describe her. Sophie Turner casts as Sansa Stark the daughter of Ned Stark. However, before we embark on the Games of thrones there are those hot pics of Sophie Turner doing rounds in the internet where she is in a black kind of see me through top that is showing off her cleavage and possibly her boobies. She looks totally sexy but unfortunately there is not too much flesh in this pic.

The Young actress who will be turning 20 this year is yet to do a bona fide nudity but she did have a kissing scene in 2013’s “Another Me”.
When asked what she thought about the nude scenes on HBO’s TV series Game of Thrones, she says she feels these scenes are mandatory considering during the medieval times woman had little say in what they did. She also believes that women can only manipulate men through sex and therefore it is very important in the series. Well perverts, you have heard it. The sexy red headed Sansa has just promised you some real skin in future. Meanwhile you can look at some of these photo shopped nude pics of Turner; they are the closest things to her real nude self. Personally I know I will be here for sometime lol.

Given the fact that this movie is taking place 20 years before we ever met Jean in the 2000’s she will not be the same character as we remembered her. The main difference with her younger self compared to the older self is the way she is adjusting to her abilities. It is interesting seeing someone struggling with their power knowing they will become the most powerful person in the world. All the Game of Thrones actresses that where nude such as Natalie Dormer or dragon queen Emilia Clarke or sexy Oona Chaplin showed fully their nude skin in the TV series but not Mrs. Stark aka. Turner-Sophie she kept her cloth on because she was barely 18.
The other younger versions of other mutants include Storm whose role will be played by Alexander Shipp. In the original film, Storm was a force for good but Simon Kinberg who is the producer and co-writer says that she is a troubled character who goes round the wrong path. This could be the result of the days of the future past where the past was altered so everything you have seen the characters go through in the previous films never really happened except for the X-Men first class. Cyclops will be played by Tye Sheridan who according to Kinberg, is yet the squeaky clean leader so we can expect some darkness from him too.


Apocalypse marks the conclusion of the X-Men First Class trilogy which has followed the adventures of shape shifting Mystique, Beast, Professor X and Magneto. Jennifer Lawrence who features as Mystique confirmed that this might be her last film as blue skinned Mystique who she has played since 2011. Jennifer was not clear about her reason for exit even if the right script was presented. We will certainly keep you posted in case we receive more details on the same.

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